Supporters - Clean Energy Collective
City of Colorado Springs 
Clean Energy Collective is proud to be one of Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) partners for Community Solar. We congratulate CSU's Utilities Board and the Colorado Springs City Council for their vision and commitment to provide affordable and accessible renewable energy solutions, such as CEC's community-owned solar.

Coalition for the Upper South PlatteCoalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) has worked to protect the 2,600-square-mile watershed that reaches from the Continental Divide to Strontia Springs Reservoir, southwest of Denver. The watershed is a recreational mecca with over 1.6 million acres of public lands; it provides municipal water for about three quarters of Colorado's residents; it is renowned for its "gold-medal" fishing streams; and it is home to numerous threatened and endangered species.

Clean Energy Collective will make a donation to the Coalition for the Upper South Platte for community solar systems purchased by recipients CUSP members. If you purchase a system betwen 2.5 and 4.9kW, CEC will donate $125 to CUSP. If your community solar system is 5.0kW or greater, CEC will donate $250 to CUSP.

CUSP will use thes funds to support their restoration efforts in the Waldo Canyon area. You can save money, reduce our community's carbon footprint, and help restore our community's natural surroundings in one easy step!

CEC extends its appreciation to the various individuals and organizations that share our passion and vision to create widespread use of clean energies to the benefit of our environment. The following organizations share this interest and have helped CEC make community-owned clean energy a reality.

Is your organization interested in becoming a CEC supporter? Please contact us here.
Community Office for Resource Efficiency Clean Energy Economy for the Region – Colorado Solar Energy International
Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association Garfield New Energies Community Initiative